Course Code EEC424
Semester 8
Points 3
ECTS Units 6
Recommended Reading

1) “Laboratory Exercises”, Notes, G. Leftheriotis, A. Kazantzidis.
2) “Renewable Energy Sources”, P. Yianoulis.
3) “Solar Energy Systems”, Notes, Y. Tripanagnostopoulos.

Course Description
  1. Study of a flat plate solar collector. Estimation of optical efficiency and thermal losses.
  2. Study of a photovoltaic panel. Measurement of the I-V characteristic, measurement and estimation of the characteristic electrical parameters.
  3. Study of the effects of light intensity and temperature on the performance of a photovoltaic element. Measurement of its spectral response with use of a monochromator.
  4. Use of pyranometers and actinometers for the measurement of solar radiation. Spectrally selective filters. Electronic integrators of solar radiation.
  5. FRESNEL lens concentrators of solar radiation. Focal point. Measurement of the concentration ratio. Applications.
  6. Study of the effect of thickness of building materials on their thermal resistance. Estimation of the thermal conductivity coefficient and U-value of a wall. Use of a special simulator.
  7. Measurement of wind velocity and direction. Production of the appropriate charts.
  8. Measurement of photovoltaic panels under sunlight. Charging of batteries. Temperature effect on PV efficiency.
  9. Independent study of special topics.

The topics available are in the following fields: i) Wind Energy, ii) Photovoltaics, iii) Thermal collectors, iv) Greenhouses, v) Slar ponds, vi) Thermal losses, vii) Geothermal energy.