Course Code ECC205
Semester 3
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

1. I. Haritantis: «Electronics », Arakinthos Pulications, 2013.

2. Α. Μalvino, D. Bates, «Electronics», 2016.

Course Description
  • Ohm law, Kirchhoff’s rules, electrical network basic theory.
  • RC networks.
  • Introduction tο semiconductor theory.
  • Silicon diodes, structure and operation, equivalent circuits.
  • Application of diodes (rectifiers, clamp circuit).
  • Bipolar transistor (BJT), structure and operation, electrical equivalent circuits.
  • Elementary amplifier circuits with BJT transistors, common-emitter and common-collector amplifier.
  • Introduction to MOS transistors, structure and operation, equivalent circuits