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Dr George Leftheriotis is associate professor in Renewable Energy Sources, at the Department of Physics, University of Patras.

He studied Physics at the University of Patras and was awarded the BSc degree in 1987. Having received an EU grant, he carried out postgraduate studies in the field of Wind Energy at Warwick University, UK. He received the MSc degree in Engineering (by research, with distinction) in 1989 with a thesis focused on the use of leading edge vortices produced by slender delta wings as wind power augmenters. In 1992 he received the PhD degree in Engineering  with a thesis concerning the design of wind turbines to operate within the delta wing vortices.

During the period 1995-2009 he has worked as a research fellow at the Energy and Environment Laboratory of Physics Department, University of Patras, taking part in five European research projects (Joule, Energie 4, TMR-LSF) and in more than ten national projects. In 2009 he obtained his present position.

During the last decade his research interests have switched to the development of materials and devices for renewable energy applications, such as low-e coatings, photovoltaics and electrochromics. He has worked on the production of novel materials and devices with vacuum and chemical techniques and on their optical, electrical and electrochemical characterization.

His research activity has led to the publication of 49 papers in refereed international journals, 37 contributions to international conferences and 40 to national conferences. He has contributed to the writing of chapters in three review books on renewable energy and chromogenic materials. He has about 1300 citations (H-index 21).



BSc in Physics. University of Patras, Greece, Sept. 1983- Sept. 1987.


MSc (by research, with distinction) in Engineering. University of Warwick, UK, Jan. 1988- May. 1989.

Research field: Wind Energy

PhD in Engineering.  University of Warwick, UK, Jan. 1990- Aug. 1992.

Research field: Wind Energy


As of 3-3-2016: Associate Professor, Physics Department, University of Patras, Greece.
18-9-2009 to 3-3-2016: Assistant Professor, Physics Department, University of Patras, Greece.
5-6-2001 to 18-9-2009: Region of Western Greece, licencing or Renewable Energy projects.
1-2-1996 to 5-6-2001: Post-doctoral researcher, Physics Department, University of Patras, Greece.


Publications in peer reviewed journals: 49
Monographs: 2 (MSc, PhD Theses)
Book chapters: 3
International Conference papers: 37
Reviewer of 25 International Journals
Citations: ~1300.
Η-index: 21 

Research Activities
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