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Short Bio
1.      Personal Information:  Zaharias M. Psillakis was born in Athens (Greece) in 1956. He is married.
2.      Present Position & Address: Assistant Professor, Division of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Department of Physics, University of Patras, 26500 Patras, Greece. Tel. +302610-997474. E-maill: psillaki@physics.upatras.gr.
3.      Education: Ph.D. (1988) in Physics, Department of Physics, University of Patras. Dissertation’s title: Dynamical models of magnetic fields with applications in (Earth’s) magnetosphere. Supervisor: Professor G. A. Katsiaris; B.Sc. (1980) in Mathematics (4-year studies), Department of Mathematics, University of Patras; Sabbatical (1993-1994) Department of Computer Science, University of Nevada – Las Vegas, USA.
4.      Courses Taught:  Probability and Statistics, Stochastic and Discrete Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Computational Physics, Computer Programming Languages.
5.      Research Interests: Applied Probability, Forecasting, System Simulation, Dynamical Systems, Physics of Fluids.
6.      Recent Publications (2011-2013):
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M. (2013). Exact distributions of constrained (k,l) strings of failures between subsequent successes. Statistical Papers, 54(3), 783-806.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M., Arapis, A.N. (2013). Counting runs of ones with overlapping parts in binary strings ordered linearly and circularly. International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 2(3), 50-60.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M. (2012). Counting certain binary strings. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 142(4), 908-924.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M.  and Kollas, N. (2012). Counting runs of ones and ones in runs of ones in binary strings. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, Supplement: 2012 World Congress in Engineering and Technology, 44-47.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M. (2011). On success runs of a fixed length in Bernoulli sequences: Exact and asymptotic results. Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 61(4), 761-772.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M. (2011). On success runs of length exceeded a threshold. Methodology and  Computing in Applied Probability, 13(2), 269-305.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M. (2011). On runs of length exceeding a threshold: normal approximation. StatisticalPapers, 52(3), 531-551.
·         Makri, F.S., Psillakis, Z.M. (2011). Strings of constrained length in binary sequences. (In Greek with English Abstract). Proceedings of 24th Greek Statistical Conference, Patras, 195-202.
7.      Referee/Reviewer: Metrika, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, Tourism Management, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Mathematical Reviews.